A collectors comment

Jesper Toft

1999, 100 x 100 cm, acrylic on silver nylon, cut holes and slicing of canvas as part of the work

When I first met Kristian Hornsleth in 1998 he immediately caught my attention. To me, his work tried to depict neither the past nor the present. Instead it reflected nothing less than the future.

Hornsleth is sharp and never seeks to compromise, which leads to a most original body of work. His great talent is his use of an individual, clear and consistent style to capture the essential idea of each work.

The first two Hornsleth works I ever saw were so 'direct,' that it was obvious I had to have them. On the first was merely a typical Hornsleth handwritten text saying: "Don't worry this is art," which obviously speaks for itself. On the other painting the text says: "Starving rats live longer," which, I believe is a reference to rat experiments where half-rationed rats by far outlive other, over-fed rats. I placed this work on a wall in my offices to inspire my employees.

The 35 Hornsleth works in my collection I bought also because they are a great investment - I think of them as stocks. The price on Hornsleth has increased more than 200% from 1999 to 2001, despite the general decline of the global Stock Market during the same period.

So buy your Hornsleth today - it's a great investment for you mind and for your wallet

Jesper Toft, CEO of Toft Corporation, Copenhagen