Behind the branding

Kristian von Hornsleth

Notes on the Hornsleth Branding Project

'Non avere paure sii un facista'
100 x 100 cm
Acrylic and paper on canvas with slicing and cutholes

The Hornsleth Branding Project is an art project investigating the power structures in the transition zone between eidos and mammon - art idealism and sociology - consumer life and pure business

The Hornsleth Branding Project researches the sociological foundations to produce art by stressing the traditional power patterns between consumer life and art

The Hornsleth Branding Project stresses the patterns in the art/power/consumer relation by not only acting all the parts in the art power play, but also by actually being a participant

The Hornsleth Branding Project seeks to establish a deconstruction process in the art/power/consumer relation in order to expose, observe and research the symptoms of present socio-cultural values

The Hornsleth Branding Project participates concretely and tests the art/power/consumer deconstruction processes through a number of non-transparent discursive partnerships in art life between The Hornsleth Branding Project and galleries, institutions, curators, venture capitalists and the media

The Hornsleth Branding Project has a close work relation with the HORNSLETH CORPORATION where products and editions are produced, marketed and sold through selected discursive partnerships. The products are at the same time conceived as works of art, consumer items and enzymes in the instigated deconstruction processes.

The Hornsleth Branding Project works in the areas of branding, added value and upgrading strategies. Carefully chosen products are marked with the characteristic Hornsleth signature and edition number. The products are then placed in the discursive partnerships.

The Hornsleth Branding Project Latest discursive partnership was product placement oriented. Famous german actor Ben Becker is wearing the Hornsleth GMT Rolex #1 for one year in a mutual brand exchange.

Kristian Hornsleth, 1999