Benn Q. Holm on Hornsleth

Benn Q. Holm

Hornsleth is not the name of an artist.
Hornsleth is a brand.
Hornsleth is brand-new.
Or it's old, new, borrowed and blue;
the marriage between art and finance.
Some years ago a desperate and mentally starving artist walked the streets of Copenhagen.
He was the archetype of a young artist: unknown and poor.
Heard the story before?
His name was Hornsleth, Kristian Hornsleth, but this name doesn't exist in its originally form any more.
Hornsleth became a brand.
Burned all the bridges, burned all the nice pictures for nice homes-paintings, drank some brandy (though not much).
He then walked into the sphere of things, of mass-produced articles, luxury articles, brands, names, icons, logos.
The world of things is his commodity.
And now he's lost somewhere in this big global supermarket.
He wanderers around out there, in the arcades, the museums and the shops, a cultural shoplifter.
Is that it?
Like Jesus and all his water into wine-stuff, Hornsleth makes brands and things into art
Brand-new art.
But what about the art of living?
Hornsleth is not human.
Or he is, but.
We all are, but.
He's the product of a lot of products.
A mirror.

Benn Q. Holm, author, 2002