Divas and Flaneurs

Helena Kontova

Section of article by curator and Flash Art Editor Helena Kontova, Milano. Published in the catalogue for the project called "The Bridges" at the Fuori Uso show in Pescara Italy 2000

"Fuck me Daddy #1/9"
Color photo mounted on forex
Size: 75 x 75 cm. Edition: 5

Kristian Hornsleth promotes his line of lewelry, Fuck me God bracelets and Kill the Bitch cuff links, through a series of art/advertisment campaigns, borrowing heavily from certain existing marketing strategies. For Pescara he decided to enlarge his advertising pages into huge posters to be inserted into the achitectural frame of the highway bridges. His slogans, provocative statements which deals with different political, gender and race taboos are embarressing and abject; His work unmasks those hypocrytical attitudes often hidden in the most appealing manifestations of correctness, not unlike Diesels advertisement campaign where the product is proposed through "negative" heroes.

Helena Kontova, Curator and Flash Art Editor, 2000