The Giant Complete Works of Hornsleth 1992-2005


* With its 552 pages and more than 1100 images the book is a work of art by itself.
* It indicates the end of a Hornsleth era and the beginning of a new.
* Some will call this first era provocative - others, like The New York Times, calls it intelligent!

The illustrations are nicely wrapped in a hardcover of black silk and printed with gold,
with 40 articles by excellent international writers and art critics. See list of contributing writers below.

Price: € 149,- / DKK 1.199,-
Price €299,00 / DKK 2.249.- for signed and numbered copies in an edition of 500

You can buy the book in the web shop, or you can order it in any book shop.

Contributing writers:

Michael Rooks, Museum of Modern Art Honolulu, USA
Lars Seier Christensen, CEO, Saxo Bank, Denmark
Richard Leydier, Art Historian and Critic, Art Press Magazine, Paris
Wolf-Günter Thiel, Cultural Engineer, Berlin
Dove Bradshaw, artist, New York, USA
Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Philospher and Professor, Copenhagen Business School
Jokeren, Hip Hop - Rap Artist
Jens Blendstrup, Writer
Jønke of Copenhagen, Writer
Ole Lindboe, Journalist and Art Critic
Benn Q. Holm, Writer
Regitze Hess, Architect
Gordon Ink, Writer
Jeff Matthews, Writer
Micheal Jeppesen, Writer and journalist
Kolja Steinrötter, Sociologist and gallerist
Lars Kraemmer, CEO, Bank of Art Money
Morten Friis, Writer and journalist
Staffan Boije af Gennäs, Philosoher and Art Critic
Danilo Trogu, Ceramist
Christian Alsted, CEO, Alsted Research
Iana Hansen, Writer
Michel Henri, Writer and Musician
Jacob Fälling, Philosopher and Journalist
Rainer Ganahl, Artist
Mads Bregenov Pedersen, Journalist
Michael Oelmann, CEO Oelmann Media
Hans Peterson, Artist
Tiziana Casapietra, Art Historian
Pia Hylén, Psychologist
Erik Steinbrecher, Artist
Trine Ross, Art Critic
Jacob Lillemose, Art Historian
Adam Schnack, Cook and Philosopher
Mads Clausen, Engineer Student
Jens Bartelson, Professor, University of Copenhagen