Hornsleth Cannibale Totale Animale

Hans Peterson

One thing, among many, that is to be said about Hornsleth is that he delivers. Events you have never seen before, like fellatio performed live on stage by poetry-reading porn-actors, like pornfilms with his own name / brand painted on the porn-actors bodies, serving bulls-testicles as snacks on one of his art-events and hundreds of other strange things.

Hornsleth knows that today you can't expect the party to come to you, you must create your own party, you can't make people buy your art, you will have to FORCE them to accept your brand...and branding is Hornsleth's thing, just as is provocation, vulgarization and disgust-ization in general. Hornsleth is fire and pure, high octane combustion when it comes to marketing and self-realization...all over the nation and beyond. He is just as much a clown as is he an artist, an architect of bad-art for nice living rooms, and a charming gentleman and intolerant arse-hole if it suits his purposes.

Time is important for Hornsleth. He can't afford to waste any. " Because he knows his time is short". Nobody lives forever. And no-one can create a large painting using only twenty minutes of time. No-one except Hornsleth. Spraypaint and marker-pen does the job instead of oilpaint and brushes...and sculptures, and silver-cufflinks, gold-sculptures depicting the face of capitalism.

Hornsleths art is childish or shallow for some people. I know the guy and I can assure you he is childish, shallow, intelligent and ego-tripped. That's it, so is his art, that's why he has friends who are rockers, rappers, pornstars, graphic designers, lawyers, bankers, yes, even artists. Hornsleth is not a art-world diplomat, he is, in spite of his upperclass-background, a blue collar worker in a world where so many souls are searching for a meaning in life or maybe just entertainment.

Come into Hornsleth's world. He will deliver, and YOU will GET always slightly more than you bargained for. If you don't like the art, come for the beer, enjoy the excitement, cheap, fucking spraypaint on low-grade canvas, read the words of an infantilist, suck me daddy, fuck me satan, buy Hornsleth art. He is branded for sure, and his show can't be beaten easily, now THAT's generousity, and most artist's today are not exactly giving anything away for free. Hornsleth does, and still have surplus to make kick-ass art. His slogan " Fuck You Art Lovers" is his own. BRANDED.

Hans Peterson, 2005, Swedish artist based in Birmingham, UK

This text was published the first time in the book Fuck You Art Lovers Forever,
Kristian von Hornsleth, Futilistic Publishing, Copenhagen 2005.

You can buy the book on www.hornsleth.com