How to become a millionaire?

How to become a millionaire? Hornsleth answers this question with the conviction of a budhist: "Buy a Hornsleth work hang it on your wall and wait 10 years. Today you are investing 10.000,-- Euro in 10 years it has a value of 500.000,--." This sounds very artistic, doesn' t it? Nevertheless, that is his strategy, buy and believe in me and you will be rich in the future! The last 10 years proof his announcement. When we first met ten years ago in Berlin, Hornsleth was living in a little workshop in an outskirt of Berlin. He would sell his paintings between 1000,-- and 5000,-- Euro, the same painting would be today between 10.000,-- and 50.000,--. And these paintings are internationally highly requested right now. His claim 10 years ago was the same and has not changed until now.

How did that work and what made this art-engine working? Hornsleth ist first of all the danish/scottish artist Kristian von Hornsleth, then it is a large body of works, then it is a brand and then it is a huge and ongrowing international crowd of people who believe in him and in his concepts of provocation and demonstration of subversive intelligence. Everything is possible, any time you want, even now, so let us do it now. Let us change the world now. Easy as applepie? You have any questions? I would if I were you? I would ask are you crazy, and don't you think Hornsleth is far to selfconfident? The difference between Hornsleth and you is, that you ask this question! He would answer it happens because it happens, just follow the flow and you will see were it leads you to. My flow goes up and if you like to join me, welcome on board!

French Philosopher Denis Diderot wrote in 1771: "Each and every century has its own spirit, our spirit seems to be freedom." This freedom is a freedom of thought and a freedom of the way somebody sees himself and the own doing. This freedom is one of the central topics and a driving power behind Kristian Hornsleths artistic work. Kristian von Hornsleth is one of the most emerging matches of high and low culture attitudes in the globalized world of culture right now. During the last 12 years he used the claim "Fuck You Artlovers" in order to express the unwillingness to fullfill any expectations or conventions the art world generally demands. His work displays an anarchic opposition to the appreciated styles generated. Hornsleth-Lovers: This people appreciate the anarchic, raw artistic language of the works. They are coming from the board of Saxo Bank, Kopenhagen, as well as from the intellectual scene from Berlin to the entrepreneur in Greater London. Hornsleth is not a style he incorporates an attitude which many people like to share. His spirit seems to be freedom and the incorporation of independence of the arts. The New York Times: "…this clever danish artist specializes in the fine art of nipping the hands that feed him..", NY Times May 20, 2002. Now Hornsleth comes to China.

Materialism is a foundation for the philosophy of Marxism as well as the driving force behind the Hornsleth art-production. As Marx said: "The production of the material life accounts for the social, political and intellectual process of life. It is not the consciousness, which determines the human being, but vice versa the social way of being, that determines consciousness." Hornsleths' Materialism takes a counter position to artists appreciated as cultural prostitutes and leads to a new definition of ethics and morals of artists, in order to protect themselves socially and minimize the economical dependency. He is the creator of his own cult. This cult uses cultural codes that are close to those of Punk, Hip Hop and Hardcore Pornography. He is totally aware of impeding social expectations and attacking personalities of public interest. He uses this consciously to generate publicity, but simultaneously as an expression of antipathy and disgust for social conventions and expectations. Each and every work of art communicates the Hornsleth idea of art and is part of the cult and cult itself.

Wolf- Günter Thiel, art historian, Berlin, 30. January 2006