Poems selected

Here you find a selection my poems from 1997 to 2003


Crash into my flesh
and leave me heavy scars
I promise you
I promise you
I’ll wear them
every single day



What is art about nowadays
Feelings and power
Money and survival
In the prison of eternal freedom
I define my own futilism with hope as my esquire
but the urge to hurt those dearest to me arises in predictable gongs



Forced to deliver every fucking day
The compulsion is the gasolin
on my inner murder fire
ignited by chopped off limbs
Jeg enjoy myself in these days
imagination proceeds my ideals
of a rediclulous normal life
where everything is as it seems and
the ring muscle of indifference
tightens it self around my neck
I am the scull fucked bitch
who only dreams of
the pure creation of meaning

Before the day has passed I’m dead
dead from caustic erosion of indifference
dead from paranoia of non completed entity
dead from not being loved
dead from starvation


Banal bastard
your unbearable obtrusiveness
I spit blood on your repulsive hooker face
I beat you with a crowbar
and piss on your grave
Why did you do it




Everytime I want to hit you
I try to stop my mind
and I force myself to say: I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
now you know


Please dont hurt me any more
or I will burn myself,
burn myself
yes, I will burn myself
into your mind



At last you think you managed to kill me
with nausic provinciality
but you came too late
the eternal grey sky
has already forced me in the ground




Just come with me
Slowly I tighten the grip around your ugly throat
Now I recognize you, Hornsleth
swine, so long swine



I wish I had an opinion about something
I miss substance
rather than the unending blind search for nothingness
that drives me slowly toward even greater regions of nothingness
where nothingness ignites nothingness
and only the depressions are surpassed by the nausic echo of indifference
It all changes though in a matter of a few sentences
and everything I touch
becomes a divine imprint of my actions
that’s why it’s worth preserving/keeping


I outline my name in big letters on all my works
It is not that I find it especially pretty
it is rather a matter of a strategic insection
a shield againt the lie
a fence protecting my results
a cross not yet on fire
a branding of my property
a light house that now and then reminds me
that I just represent myself




Art exists for people like a modern God
artists are priests
who serving truth
carefully dance
around and between
the land mines of pitiful clichés
craving the clearest interpretation of humans
who anxiously and unrestrained
rape, kill, steal and burn
everything on their way
toward total self destruction
like stars destined to be regenerated
in yet another new big bang




I was born under a lucky star
and the star grew bigger and bigger
along with my megalomanic glory
until one day it fell from the sky
and squashed me to the ground



I dream about never letting go of your lips
the total equilibrium
the free flow of fluids
soft warm lovely mouth
with a body behind which makes me feel secure
like a little port in a little country
a gate to a sweet smelling garten
great love was here
great love will come again



I am the artist
I am your filter
I capture the moment
I test my observations on my self before I throw it to you
as over priced art works
like chunks of freshly cut meat
to you desparately fighting dogs
hungry for that notion of culture
you youself are unable to define
I sell you masochistic opportunities to you feel yourself
disguised as intelligent entertainment
and without waking you
I gently slip it in
that spicy soft awareness
and as I bite your hand that feed me
and burn my work into your time
I fade away and count my money
with the fragile memory of my savy ventures

it all seems okay now
The fighter planes are resting
the trees are silent
the lights in the office buildings are left on
The dictators are putting their kids to bed
and the terrorists are drinking tea in thier caves
And all the old people are watching TV
and you have this restfull look in your eyes
It all seems okay now