Can Hornsleths "The Village Project Uganda" be placed as art in an art historian and art philosophcal perspective?

Research Project: "Don't worry this is art"?

August Ussing, Bobby Mazloumi, Freja Dahl Kofoed, Ida Suhr, Morten Ø. Andersen og Siri Von Essen
2. semester 2007 Roskilde University Centre, Group 1, house 46.3

The two censor teachers gave the project much credit, especially for its detailed categorisation and intellectualisation of the art work, the critical standpoint towards it and towards art as such. The group recieved top grade for the essay.

English outline of the essay

In this project we investigate if and how Kristian von Hornsleths The Village Project Uganda can be defined as art in a historic and philosophical sense. Using the theories of Søren Kjørup and Nicolas Bourriaud, we sketch out the criterias of art and through books by Lennart Gottlieb and Edward Lucie-Smith we analyze different historical works of art. In our discussion we focus on which aspects are important at the present time in the world of art. Finally we conclude that The Village Project is art.

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