Three Statements on Hornsleth Ceramics


1. Wolf-Günter Thiel, * 1966. Berlin based art critic, consulting cultural engineer and Flash Art contributor

"Hornsleth love and disgust of art as such"
the cross at the mountain Golgota. Hornsleth takes into every sculpture his own way of suffering under his anarchic creativity and his existence as an artist. He is always on the edge between total admiration of the artistic life, the total freedom of thought and the interest and demand of the art commune. His approach is to attack the simple and dumb interest in the spectaculum of his collectors and buyers. So the gold sculptures are a metaphor for the ambivalence between love and disgust of art as such.

2. Per Traasdahl, *1962. Berlin based visual artist, friend of Kristian Hornsleth and founder of ArtSourceLab, a network developing concepts and methods for the utilization of the artistic process in the social realm.

"Latter ego / Splatter logo - on Kristian Hornsleth"
· It's a fair game

3. Kristian Hornsleth, *1963. Copenhagen based artist and architect.

"Commercializing my angst"