Waiting and seeing

Lauri Fürstenberg

Section of article by Lauri Firstenberg. Published in the catalouge for the first Biennial of Ceramics arranged by Attese curators in Albisola, Italy 2000

'Fuck You Art Lovers #1'
Shaping technique: Modelled by hand by the artist. Material: Terracotta, enamels sequin gold at III firing. Dimensions: 50 x 61.5 x 23 cm. Decoration: Danilo Trogu. Manufacture: La Casa dell'Arte. Albisola, Italia 2000

This exhibition's constant is the material [clay]. In this way, critical aspects of individual practices and cultural lexicons surface. A meditation in the notion of difference is performed by enforcing this constant. It also folds back onto the fontanian mantra of privileging concept over process - neutralizing the material as a given and accentuating various conceptualisms. Infused with individuality, cultural identification, signs of specificity of geo-political exigencies which serves to deneutralize the constant of the clay, tradition and innovation are negotiated by the artists: Elke Krystufek's ceramic toilet with laptop and mobile telephone holder; Nina Childress's clay wigs after pictures of model; Kristian Hornsleth's Fuck You Art Lovers; Momoyo Torimitsu's treatment of signs of preciousness and gendre in her belly-flopped-bunny.

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Lauri Fürstenberg, 2000