Wealth is Freedom


The Joker, I ain't a joke, I'm the jester
That lives the place you read about on the front page of the paper
Where they deal in a doorway in the alley
Because cats want on top and don't care
Like a game of blackjack where you always win
Money moves and amasses
Then your entire stash confiscated and dissipated
One day the bill will pop up and where are your friends?
In loneliness and isolation your
Only contact to anyone – a tapped telefon
And you get a "letter from homie" but what's it say?
Because every word is written in the pigs' reports
So you sit and you think : "what was it worth?"
Some say "no" – while others yell "Hell yeah"
How will you measure money against freedom?
Time is a luxury and now you have plenty.

Wealth is freedom or is it?
Time is money, money is time, do you have enough?
The clock is ticking do you have time to not live?
Love each other, do you have time to not demand
More of your self and your crew?
Wouldn't anything else be too weak?
Only YOU can make a difference
- even though it's a hair fine balance

The Joker, fuck yeah, I'm in the highest tax bracket
Am I social, liberal or a clap-hat?
Yo what the hell am I – it's a fine balance
Between my consumer egoism, and a protective compulsion
Because no, we aren't created or born equal
So I have my neighbor's back, what can I say? And I
Hope to hell that he has mine that day, when my
Records flops, the girlfriend hops, and the chain falls off
The film snaps and I lose all my confidence
And only have the thing that I'm missing now – time
But until then I'm still one of them
That works round the clock to get the rent
Like those that invent creative receipts
To end op at zero with expenses and income
Get it from the ads, impress the ladies
We have so much cheddar but no time to taste cheese

Jesper 'Jokeren' Dahl, Danish leading rap artist, Copenhagen

This text was published the first time in the book Fuck You Art Lovers Forever,
Kristian von Hornsleth, Futilistic Publishing, Copenhagen 2005.

You can buy the book on www.hornsleth.com