What is The Hornsleth Village?

Kristian von Hornsleth

The Hornsleth Village is an art project.
100 people from a small village in Uganda changes thier name to 'Hornsleth'.
Each person will go through the official legal name change process.
Each person will have an ID card issued to show their new 'Hornsleth' name.
Each person will be photographed holding their new Hornsleth ID
The portraits will be defined as an original art work.
The photo works will be 120 x 100 cm and will be presented in selected international galleries.
A professional documentary film crew is filming the process for Danish National TV DR2
A big book will be produced describing the project and showing all the photographs.
International art critics and philosophers will be invited to contribute.
The project is a business deal between Hornsleth and the appointed village opinon leaders.
The participators will recieve farm animals for their involvement according to agreement.
A locally well known animal re-distribution system will be implemented.
5.000 people will in five years have recieved an animal from this project if it runs as planned.
Don't worry, this is art!

Kristian von Hornsleth, Copenhagen, 2006

This text was first published in the book: The Hornsleth Village Project Uganda, Copenhagen 2007