Who the hell is Hornsleth?

Christan Alsted

Yeah, who the hell is "Hornsleth", that guy that brands his works with his signature in negative with a black border, placed directly on the golden line so the viewer CANNOT possibly miss the name. AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Once upon a time, "Armton – again" was a slogan that conveyed strength, stability and loyalty. Why else would one choose Armton – again.

So now we just wait for the next revelation.

Who the hell IS "Hornsleth" – isn't he that guy that screams adolescently and writes fuck and graffiti commenting on politics, the US, imperialism, the commercial construction of beauty and photo models, that the feminists hate too?

These days it's no longer the Vietnam War, but it works anyway, the critique of imperialism, the critique of monarchism, the royal family – in short "THE ESTABLISHMENT", a weary weathered dog inherited from the left-wing warehouse. Way back from Doris' day.

And what good is all this HOT-AIR? It's BORING AS HELL and could just maybe cause an erection or two among second rate high school teachers from mid-size rural outposts… but that's an audience too, actually a pretty big one.

Who the hell is that dude guy "Hornsleth" – REALLY.

Denmark is all about branding and image. So why not EXPLOIT it somehow, the same way all the marketers also EXPLOIT it – except the artists, who don't dare – HABITUALLY.

As a counterweight to the MIND-NUMBING welfare trivialities that have casted the salon-addicted artists as whining welfare benchwarmers, impotently dependent upon the patronage of the state – HORNSLETH IS INTERESTING.

Freedom rather than self-content SILENCE fed by government money.

More-famous equals more credible and thereby more valuable than less-famous. By INSISTING on his name and brand – by staging his fame "HORNSLETH" simply becomes RELEVANT. A well-known communications phenomenon from the book of cognitive psychology. A banality for the ad-man – taboo for the righteous.

Who is it here that's corrupt?

"Kilroy was here" – HORNSLETH IS HERE

Christian Alsted, CEO of Alsted Research A/S, Copenhagen, 2005

This text was published the first time in the book Fuck You Art Lovers Forever,
Kristian von Hornsleth, Futilistic Publishing, Copenhagen 2005.

You can buy the book on www.hornsleth.com